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Gold Crest International is exporting most effective staffs to satisfy the demands of different company all over world, mostly Malaysia, Middle East countries and all European Communities both of Schengen and Non-Schengen countries

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Manpower Recruitment
& Placement Agency

Gold Crest International is one of the leading workforce Supply Company of Bangladesh. The most effective holding of the Gold Crest group has been established with the firm commitment of contributing towards the economy of Bangladesh through dedication of exporting most talented, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled and general construction workers and manpower from Bangladesh.

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The company has many years of experience in providing complete visa services for employees going to overseas. We take the responsibility of providing the tickets for the recruit’s since have linkage with renowned national and international travel agencies.

GRA ensures best talented staffing services from home and abroad for your organization. If our clients require short term or even full time employees for your organizations we are ready to come forward with your needs.

Goldcrest Group have expanded the services to meet the needs of clients and candidates. We follow a defined code of practice that we as a business and our consultants as individuals to ensure we provide a service not only in line with legislation but a service delivered with best practice in mind Organizations and our client need competent and smart person and Global recruiting agency ensures the best matches here.

List of Exportable workers

Industrial Workers

Survey and Drafting staff

Sales Personnel

Maintenance Service Workers

Oil Field Construction Workers

Official Works Personals

Ship and Ship Building Workers

Tele-Communication Workers

Accounts Service Personnel






Hair Dresser

Laundry Workers




Port Loader

Agriculture Workers

Animal Husbandry

Administrative Staff

Bakery Personnel

Building Construction workers

General Construction workers

Management Staff

Fabrication Workers


Food Service Personnel's

Forestry Workers

Garments Workers

Heavy Vehicles Operator and mechanics

Hospitals and Clinical Personnel's

Catering and Hotel Staff

Engineering Personnel's

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